Masks have long played a very big part in Japanese stories, myths, and history.

Here are some very choice finds from the marketplace of amazing Japanese style masks that would fit the setting. Many of them are quite affordable and a very good choice for ghosts and monsters, particularly in their ‘human’ forms, or ghosts in general.

A beautifully sculpted kitsune mask by AKIBE Sixgallery, who incidentally has several other wonderful masks, including a black kitsune (with both eyes open and shut), a tengu mask, a tradition oni mask, and a goblin mask.

Next up are the masks of Lantern Evolution

Lantern sells many sorts of masks, including those of anime such as Bleach and Naruto, but we want to focus on the ones that appear more traditionally authentic. Namely these wonderful demon masks. They have several features, including the ability to hide the horns and glowing eyes.  They are slightly cheaper than the above masks, at around 280L. Red isn’t the only colour he has either, they come in a variety of shades including blue, green, red, and grey. He also has another variant of the mask that seems made for women, specifically as when you click the mask, a woman’s laugh is heard. Creepy!

While this isn’t a mask per se, this makeup by Toya Watanabe, I thought was a pretty awesome facepaint, and suitable for those who want to play a fox demon for their human form without a mask. Subtle, but it looks interesting. A good choice for those who spend a lot of time on their look and don’t want to obscure it with a mask.

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