I’ve been working over the weekend to add more to the RP area. I’ve still got quite a bit to do as far as details are concerned, placing furniture, clues, notecard/inventory givers that will provide clues and lore. A lot of that stuff to write too. Also, sound is a bit thing in horror, so I need to do that yet. However the garden is largely finished, save for one or two little monuments I actually have to do myself. It takes a while to do your own stuff obviously, and to save time I have taken advantage of products that provide a very nice effect. Some things I will likely replace over time. Things like textures, items that I’m not totally happy with, or just need time to create. The upper floor of the house is still under construction, as is the cave area.  There’s a new info kiosk beside the area, do please check it out. I hopefully will be putting some updated products and information in there for costuming as well.

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