I’m always on the lookout for new creepy avatars that players may want to consider dressing in for the area. Its not always easy to find really good creepy avatars, and with the addition of mesh, there’s been some significant (and often amazing) upgrades to what avatars can look like. Here’s some that I’ve found recently that are pretty cool. I’ve linked them to the Marketplace so its pretty easy to get to them.

This is a mesh avatar, and probably one of the best I’ve seen of your horror staple, the “Creepy little girl”. It would be great for a ghost or even demon. Another great thing about this avatar is the price tag. At only 349L, its quite affordable. You can view a demo in world of this avatar to get a better look at the details. The picture is pretty dark on some monitors.

Another pretty awesome avatar, although perhaps not as appropriate to the House as the previous one, could still work, especially depending on what time your character is from. Another horror staple, “creepy nurse”, done in rather wonderful detail thanks to a partial mesh. Another pretty affordable creeptastic addition. It sits at a pricetag of 575L.

If you are looking to be a zombie or corpse like undead, this highly detailed avatar might be just what you are looking for. A fantastic halloween getup as well if you feel like being the best cadaver you can be. At a highly affordable 99L for this fully mesh and beautifully textured avatar, its like grave robbing!

Maybe you want to just be EXTREMELY creepy. Maybe there isn’t much left of your body, just a HAND. Seriously, this is pretty awesome. You can be a much bloodier version of Thing! Sweet! at 250L, it won’t break your bank either, so you can have it as a standby for when you really just want to mess with people.

Maybe shambling is more your style, and with this zombie avatar kit you will be able to craft yourself into a truly awesome festering undead brain eater. Its a bit more expensive, around 1000L, but does include multiple mix-and-match body parts, an AO, and some bonus intestines. Can you say no to intestines? I think not.


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