In order to keep things both easy and fast for players who just want to try the setting and RP out, and allow for more structured, story based things to happen for more long term, hard core players, we have two sorts of characters.

Official characters are characters that have been approved and vetted through the GMs through the character application process. Characters that are approved will be assigned an appropriate title through the group. What these characters do is considered ‘canon’, meaning it has permanent effects on stories and in the ongoing story lines being plotted by GMs. These players are probably on average going to be more experienced roleplayers, and also be able to help people get into the RP and setting as well as answer questions about things like “how to roleplay”.

Official Characters may:

  • participate in storylines
  • have GMs make storylines for them with or without other characters
  • affect permanent change to the RP area
  • be asked to be a part of a plot either for or not for their character (asked to give someone something, say something to someone, etc)
  • Make storyline suggestions

Non-Official characters are characters that have not gone through the approval process. As such they are considered ‘temporary’. They will either have a “guest” title from the group or a titler saying what they are.  What they do has no permanent effects in the game, or on other official characters unless the player decides that they do and it doesn’t conflict with anything they are already a part of. If there is any official storylines in progress, they may be asked to stay away from those areas as not to interrupt, they also may not participate in any official scenes being presided over by GMs.

The NOC (non-official character) gives people who just want to ‘drop by’ and give it a whirl the ability to come up with a character on the fly and get involved. This does NOT however, allow players to create characters or bring in avatars that violate the rules of the area.

People may create a NOC, and submit it for review to have it approved as a permanent character. If a character becomes Official what they do from the time of their approval becomes canon, but not from before unless discussed with a GM.

Players may have up to 3 Official characters, and as many NOCs as they want.