Sim Rules (Therianation)

These apply to all visitors to the Therianation sim, not just the RP players.

  1. Please keep your clothes on at all times. No nudity or adult bits showing. This is a moderate sim, not an adult sim.
  2. No cybersex either, in public chat or physically grinding pixels, even with your clothing on. There are no such poseballs available around, so if you find any, or sex furniture, please report them for removal.
  3. This is a anthropomorphic friendly sim. Outside of the RP area, furries and animal avatars are completely welcome.
  4. This is a private island, respect the admins, moderators, and other inhabitants of the island. If not, you won’t be welcome here anymore.
  5. Do not leave build parts out, or try to rez huge things, they will be returned and after repeat offenses you will be banned.
  6. Keep RP inside RP areas only. Some areas may be designated for specific types of RP, do not try to blend RP from other areas of the island. They are different than what is in the HoCW area.