In order to keep the RP area immersive we have rules regarding what sorts of avatars can and cannot be used while in the RP area. If you are IN DOUBT, please just wear a human avatar until you can get permission/judgement for a different look.

Prefered Avatars
These are the types of avatar we are cool with and want to see in the RP.

  • Ghosts
  • Undead
  • Humans (from historical or modern, but not futuristic so much, if you please)
  • Demonic avatars
  • Asian monsters/demons
  • Animal girls such as neko (mostly human with animal ears/tail)
  • Realistic animals

Avatars that require permission or possible adaption…

Vampires: While we do welcome vampire characters as demons in the game, they must dress appropriately. We generally want our demons to appear asian, so please wear a kimono. Traditionally Japanese vampires wear a white kimono with a red obi or sash. You can choose to do this or wear a regular kimono, but please, no gothwear.

Tinies & Petites: Tinies and Petites that fit the scheme and feel of the area by adding something to it may be permitted. Horrific teddy bears for example, or tiny geisha dolls, or youkai would be permitted, but cartoonish zombie ones would not. The tiny or petite still has to fit with in the genre of horror.  This is realistic horror, not cartoon horror. Unless it has creep factor, best to switch it out for something more appropriate. Such things as living dolls or tiny evils will be considered minor demons.

Mythics: Anything mythological, including nagas, mermaids, dragons, gryphons, etc. We are trying to stick with as much ASIAN mythology as possible in this area. While there are nagas, mermaids, dragons, and other popular mythic beasts in Japanese lore, they tend to look and behave somewhat differently than their western counterparts. Please try to adjust your look to match. All non humans are considered demons and invisible to humans. Keep that in mind.

Furries: Your look has to be realistic, not cartoony. There are some demi -cartoony that may be acceptable but we are trying to scary here, not fursuit huggable. Realistic animal anthros (such as those from the Werehouse) are permitted. Others may require approval. All Anthros are considered demons for the purposes of play.

Forbidden Avatar types
These are avatars we do not permit in the RP area. You can hang out in the OOC area, and other parts of the sim where they are permitted, but in order to respect the RPers and not break immersion, we request you do not wear these sorts of avatars.

  • Robots
  • Cyborgs
  • Futuristic garb/props
  • No canon characters/races from TV or videogames ( So don’t wear star trek, sith, jedi, smurf, final fantasy, etc etc.)
  • No oversized or large avatars such as full sized dragons or whales
  • Mecha
  • Cartoon tinies or anthros

Also there is a standing rule on the sim that there is to be NO NUDITY and NO NAUGHTY BITS showing at ANY TIME in the SIM. This is not a sexual RP, if you want bump pixels, take it somewhere else. This is non-negotiable and if you are caught naked with naughty bits showing, you will be ejected from the sim. This is very strict. We also do not look kindly on any sort of overt sexual behavior, such as speaking lewdly or making outright sex chat. Any instance of it will get you ejected from the sim. Following incidences will get you banned. If you want sex, this is not the RP or sim for you. Please take your libido elsewhere.