These are rules for the RP area proper. You will see signage and notecard givers that will provide this information as notecards in SL. Yes, they are a little long, but please read them all.

  1. Please keep OOC chat in PM or out in OOC areas
    Large amounts of OOC chat is distracting and breaks immersion. Please try to refrain from it, or stay where it is appropriate.
  2. People who are within the RP area are assumed to be IC, either as an official character or unofficial character. They will be treated as such.
  3. If you are a guest or new, please do not interrupt RP or scenes in progress without asking first.
    You can observe at a reasonable distance, but please do not get involved without asking permission. You do not know what is going on, and trying to ‘save’ someone, might actually be messing up a story that had been planned for some time. Things are not as they seem, and we do have storylines that require people to die and suffer, because this is a horror environment. If you ask and people say you can join, that is fine, but ask first!
  4. Please wear a proper title.
    Official and approved characters will have a title within the group, non official characters (ie: those who do not have an approved character sheet by a GM) and should have it up whenever IC, guests and non official characters can use a titler for their role and should clearly identify themselves as a ghost, human or demon and what their sin type is. if you are OOC or just visiting pleas use a titler or group title that is appropriate.
  5. Submit a character sheet for Official Approved Character Status.
    Players seeking official approval for their characters must submit a character sheet to the GMs. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE OFFICIAL. You may be contacted by a GM to get any further information they may need to incorporate the character into future storylines. Official characters should try to be frequently at the sim, especially on scheduled event days. If you do not want to go through the process of approval, that’s fine, you don’t have to. Please see the section on official vs non official characters.
  6. NO Griefing
    We do not tolerate griefers or griefing of any sort. If anyone is found to be causing grief on the sim, including rezzing excessive noise, particle generators, lewd imagery, being naked, shooting people, bouncing people or being general douche bags, please report them to a security person for ejection and banning.
  7. Do your part to reduce lag. Mind your av cost.
    Please be considerate about your avatar. Extremely intricate costumes and avs are awesome, but when a lot of characters are on sim, it could become laggy. Please keep noisy gestures, inappropriate sound, effects, scripts, or particles off or to an absolute minimum, especially if things are busy in the sim. If you are in doubt, please ask if certain costume parts are okay.
  8. Wear appropriate avatars while in the RP area.
    Please see the policies on acceptable avatars. Avatars that are deemed inappropriate will be asked to step back out into the OOC area until they fix their appearance. Failure to comply, rudeness, or general pissyness will get you banned from the game and sim.
  9. NO DRAMA.
    We are trying to keep this area as drama free and fun as possible. The only drama should be IC. Remember IC and OOC are separate/things. Do not take IC stuff into OOC, or OOC into IC. They are separate, keep them separate. Anyone who causes huge headaches or reduces the fun will be asked to adjust their attitude and leave. The GMs are not babysitters.
  10. Be polite and considerate of other players.
    Everyone should feel welcome and able to join in, but we should all try to avoid breaking immersion. Ask before joining a scene, try to be inclusive, help new players. We were all new once. Don’t shout across the sim or be difficult if you are asked to comply with a rule.
  11. Death in the HotCW is never a permanent state.
    There are two possibilities when a character is ‘killed’. One is that they wake up in another part of the house, none the worse for wear. This is is the default for ghosts and demons who are banished/killed, etc.  For living folk the encounter is classed as a ‘dream’ and the player continues unharmed. The second is the player dies as a human and comes back as a ghost. The only time a player truly leaves the game is if they are ‘released’ or they ‘ascend”. Insta-kills are also NOT permitted. Simply murdering other players or declaring them dead without some kind of mutual consent is considered a form of griefing.
Regarding Child Avatars – The ‘creepy little girl’ has long been a staple of horror, and we are okay with young avatars being present, provided 2 conditions are met. a) They never take their clothing off. All children avatars must be clothed. and b) they must only be a ghost, or a demon. We are not permitting living humans who can be killed to be children avatars. Only ghosts (already dead), or demons (not human anyway). Children may not appear younger than 9-10 years of age. If you are unsure of these rules in anyway, and want to play a young looking avatar, play a doll. If this rule is broken, the ability to play anything BUT a doll may be revoked.

These rules may be modified or added to at any time. Please make sure you stay current on the rules.

If you have any concerns or ideas please submit them via forum here or notecard to Myst Panther. Do not send an IM or it will probably get lost.