RP Etiquette

This is general rules of conduct expected of Roleplayers in general.

  1. OOC conversation should always be framed in (( brackets )). Anything said outside of brackets will be taken as IC when in the IC area. Brackets aren’t necessary in OOC areas.
  2. Do not barge into scenes in progress. Don’t run into other players, hover over them, throw things at them, shoot at them, or otherwise be a dick if they aren’t paying attention to you. Be patient. If you want to join, ask politely in PM and if they say no, leave or observe from a distance as not to disturb them and look for other opportunities.
  3. Speak in full english. Do not use “AOL” speak when posing. “u” is not a word, neither is “ur”, “lol”, “R” or any single letter. Please spell and punctuate properly and intelligently. Capitalizes your sentences, use commas, and periods as well. Otherwise we assume your an idiot three year old and no one is going to want to play with you. You have time. Take your time and post well.
  4. You don’t have to write a novel, but you do need to write more than just a single word or bit of dialogue. Good RPers ’emote’, which is describe things the other player should notice about their character’s body language and expression. While we can represent somethings visually in SL, subtle facial gestures, certain effects, or actions may not be possible. These things should be emoted. You need to give your RP partners something to react to, as well as reacting to what they give you. Make sure you always give and take equally, especially if you want people to get involved with your character’s storyline.
  5. Don’t be a DRAMA LLAMA. Drama llamas are people who pitch fits because they were denied entry into a scene, or get angry because something bad happened to their characters, or otherwise behave like a child and are unwilling to compromise. This behavior is rude, disrupted and will not be tolerated. We have a zero drama tolerance. Anything that is disruptive because someone is pitching a temper tantrum will be immediately removed. If you want to be a good player, be understanding, keep your OOC and IC lives separate, and expect that good AND bad things will happen to your character. A flexible and creative partner will always be welcome over a primadonna brat. Also, do not make a nuisance of yourself if you are bored. You cannot be the center of attention all the time. Be patient and work constructively with others.
  6. Never ‘call damage’. Anything you do is an attempt to do something to someone. The other player always has control over if your actions affect them. Good roleplayers will give and take. Sometimes they will avoid getting hurt, and other times they won’t. This should go both ways.
  7. GIVE PEOPLE TIME TO REACT. In SL there is lag. Sometimes it takes a moment for people to respond to you. If you are RPing with someone, give them enough time to reply to you before walking away. Especially if they have to drag out some kind of special effect dealie or try to activate an action/animation/sound. Don’t just say something and walk away. Be patient, wait for a response.
  8. If you want to attack someone or start a scene and they aren’t engaged, its polite to ask them first if its okay. They may be AFK, or they might be involved in PMs so its good to make sure you’ve got their attention and permission before jumping into some kind of conflict.
  9. Do not use OOC information in IC. For example, just because someone has a name hovering over their head, doesn’t mean you know it if you’ve never met that person. Or you know that a ghost is a ghost because it says so over their head. Your character may or may not even be able to see them! Act appropriately for your character.