The House of the Crimson Wings is a heavily Asian horror inspired setting. It is not however, a direct translation of any one inspiration source. It is its own environment with its own back story and secrets. The genre of the horror game is more psychological/supernatural horror than hack and slash kind of horror, which comes from the heavy j-horror influences.

Some of the inspirations for the game include: Silent Hill videogames, Fatal Frame videogames, The Ring (movie), The Grudge (movie), Japanese ghost stories, Japanese mythology, Anime (various).

We ask that players and visitors alike respect the setting rules and immersion factor of the people who are playing by not disrupting the setting. Our rules are fairly simple, and while you can find more detailed rules here, the basics you should remember are:

  1. Wear an appropriate avatar.
  2. Do not interrupt, crowd, or disrupt RP scenes in progress. Please watch politely, if you want to join in ask OOC in the group chat or in PM to the players involved.
  3. If you are declined, or asked to leave an area, please do so without a fuss.
  4. Wear an appropriate tag (from the group) or titler to let people know if you are IC, OOC, a Guest player or a tourist.
  5. Do not play loud sounds, obnoxious gestures, or looped music while in the area.
  6. Keep your clothes on at all times, no nudity or sexual bits are permitted on the grounds, nor is public sexual RP. Please keep it private or go elsewhere.

For story background, please see here.