House of the Crimson Wings is a horror based RP setting in Secondlife. Our current location is on the Therianation sim.¬† By the nature of horror, we try to be an¬†immersive Roleplaying area as much as possible. The rules are as much for your enjoyment as ours, as we don’t want to discourage anyone from visiting, but we do not want people to feel uncomfortable in the RP either.
The House of Crimson Wings was inspired by a number of horror influences including videogames such as Silent Hill, Obscure, Fatal Frame (AKA Perfect Zero), as well as movies such as the Ring, Dark Water. Other influences include Japanese Mythology and ghost stories, Shinto and Buddhist lore, and various anime.

The setting is heavily Japanese in look and feel, although we do not require our players to necessarily be in Japanese costume. Please read through the below articles and if you have questions, feel free to post in the forums. You can also drop a notecard in Secondlife to Myst Panther with any questions you’d like answered. The official roleplaying group is “House of the Crimson Wings RP” and is free to join.


Rules & Etiquette

Permitted Avatar types

Setting & History

The Burden of Sin

Sin Types


Official vs Non Official Characters

Making your Character