In the House of the Crimson Wings RP setting, there are basically three races with a few sub-variants. Each race has specific story options available to them. Three races is to keep things very simple and not try to account for the myriad of different races which could exist. It is not meant to limit creativity, but for the sake of the game and world, it keeps things very strait forward.

The main races are:

Humans – These can be either spiritual sensitive (Sensitives) who can see supernatural stuff and have some spiritual power or not spiritually sensitive (non-sensitives) meaning they don’t see the supernatural and are spiritually weak. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Humans can be from any time period in the past to the present and any nationality. Read the full racial section for details.

Ghosts – Ghosts are the dead. Also called spirits and can sometimes be refereed to as the restless dead, undead, or sin bound. They are all those who’ve been killed or died with sin sickness and become trapped and bound within the house. They hunger for sin, and suffer in pain if they cannot get it. They prey on humans and demons alike. Read the full racial section for details

Demons – Demons are a catchall for anything ‘non-human’. From vampires to werewolves, from Oni to Kitsune, from neko, to faery, to dragons. All are considered demons and share similar traits. Demons are powerful and hungry beings, with many appearances and powers. For more information, see the racial information.